Monetize your app even when your users aren’t on it.

100% compliant with Google Play and the App Store.


  • Generate additional, recurring revenue
  • No additional ads or in-app purchases
  • Does not require users to actively use the app
  • Stable and tested SDK
  • Quick 10-15 minute integration


Android requirements

  • Access_Network_State
  • Access_WiFi_State
  • Change_WiFi_State
  • Receive_Boot_Completed
  • Wake_Lock
  • User opt-in notification

IOS requirements

  • Request for location permissions
  • User opt-in notification


$30 CPM

7-day users

$180 CPM

30-day users

Placed Affiliate pays for smartphone users in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the UK. We pay a $30 CPM for 7 day active users and $180 for 30 day active users. This revenue payout is perfect for affiliates that enjoy high retention in their app.

Example commissionWho is an active user?


What is the size of the SDK?

The official size of our Android SDK is 194kb and 17.6MB for our iOS SDK.

If there are no ads or in-app purchases what are you paying for?

Placed Affiliate pays you for allowing us to collect aggregate mobile device information for market research purposes.

The device data we collect, including location, is measured in aggregate and is only measured when the app has received explicit location permissions from the user.

Are there privacy concerns with this program?

Absolutely not. To ensure a privacy-first experience, Placed requires a secondary notification of measurement upon initial install and within the app store description, along with links to the Placed Terms and Privacy Policy.

The opt-in is required to be clear for to end users’ that they’re opting in to a market research by Placed, Inc. You can use the standard opt-in (screenshot below) or design a more native form for your app. For custom designed opt-in forms we will need to approve the design before the program can begin.

Will this SDK significantly increase battery consumption?

Our SDK considers a number of factors to determine when to collect and send data using an algorithm designed to minimize battery drain while preserving accuracy. Limiting battery drain and data plan usage is our top priority, and we make every effort to ensure that our SDK does not negatively impact your end user. We closely monitor how changes in this algorithm impact our affiliate’s end users.


Request SDK Key

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